SMS Möwe, Otaki’s Nemesis – An ex-banana boat, Part 2

As with figures such as the ‘Red Baron’ Manfred von Richthofen, Werner Voss and General Erich Ludendorff, Dohna-Schlodien was celebrated in newspapers, postcards, postage stamps, medallions and war art by a German propaganda machine that glorified individual heroism. This is shown in the image of the medallion below. While there were other figures who were … More SMS Möwe, Otaki’s Nemesis – An ex-banana boat, Part 2

SMS Möwe, Otaki’s Nemesis – An ex-banana boat, Part 1

Abandon Ship! details two famous Merchant Navy ships sunk during both World Wars, as examples of the sacrifices made by merchant seamen during both conflicts – along with the perils that they faced when the order came to abandon ship. The case that our exhibition uses to highlight the Merchant Navy losses during the First … More SMS Möwe, Otaki’s Nemesis – An ex-banana boat, Part 1

USS Indianpolis

Last month the wreck of the US Navy’s heavy cruiser USS Indianapolis was discovered 5.5 km deep in the Pacific, 72 years after being sunk by a Japanese submarine in the final weeks of the Second World War. Between 800 and 900 men survived the initial attack and were able to ‘Abandon Ship’, but by … More USS Indianpolis

Infamous sinking

The SS City of Benares was launched from Glasgow in August 1935. A steam passenger ship on the Ellerman Line, during the Second World War it was used as an evacuee ship. On 13 September 1940, City of Benares left Liverpool to cross the Atlantic to Montreal and Quebec, Canada. She was carrying 90 evacuee … More Infamous sinking

Abandon Ship – The Merchant Seaman who Survived 133 Days Alone On A Raft On The South Atlantic Poon Lim was born in Hainan, China. In 1942, during World War II, he was working as second steward on the British merchant ship SS Ben Lomond. The ship was armed but slow moving and she was sailing … More

Merchant Navy Day

Although the Merchant Navy was officially recognised by the British monarch following its vital role in the First World War, it is not one of the Armed Forces, made up of the Royal Navy, Army, and Air Force. Because of this, sailors in the Merchant Navy didn’t qualify for military honours and were not included … More Merchant Navy Day

Propaganda v Truth

During the Second World War, propaganda was a weapon almost as important as guns. On both sides, terrible stories were spread, making it easier to see the people on the Other Side as the enemy. In the summer of 1942, British newspapers had reported that German uBoats had opened fire on lifeboats.  However, in reality … More Propaganda v Truth