Sailors from Lewis

There were two crew members from the Isle of Lewis on board the Richmond Castle.

One, Angus Murray, was responsible for saving the lives of many of his fellow crew, with his ingenuity and steadfast spirit. He was later awarded the British Empire Medal and – many years later – was reunited with fellow survivors who expressed their gratitude. Film footage from the reunion features in the Surviving the Savage Sea film that forms part of the Abandon Ship! exhibition on the HQS Wellington.

The Wellington Trust would like to thank the family of Angus Murray for generously loaning his medals to the exhibition.

The second Lewis sailor, John MacIver, was also awarded the BEM for his role in the survival. His story, however, had a sadder ending. He returned home but died in May 1945 in North Tolsta, not seeing the end of the war. His health had been impacted by his experiences and he left behind a wife and new-born son.

The Wellington Trust thanks all the family members of the Richmond Castle crew for their support of the exhibition.

Written by SNiF

NOTE: The exhibition is closed this week but open again on Sunday 2 July.

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